Clickbank Affiliate Tips

Maximizing Your Affiliate Checks from The
Clickbank Platform


I cover more than just blog posts as a review delivery method in the report you are
reading now. You can use other media too, to bolster your efforts, and that’s just
one of the topics I cover, too.
You’ll need a checklist of all the ingredients to include in a review, in order to
generate click-throughs that lead to sales. I don’t stop there – I break each
element in the checklist down to make sure you don’t miss a trick. As you read
you’ll find out tips like:
1. 4 different but equally effective methods of creating that all-important review
post headline
2. A simple way to get your readers to relate
3. How to handle images – where and how to place them (and when and why you
4. 3 ways to provide “proof” – and the way to tell your readers how the product
you’re reviewing works, without spilling all the creator’s secrets


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