Blogging For Business

Why start a business blog? The short answer to this question is that a well
written, interesting blog can be a simple, easy platform with which you can
connect with your clients and share information with the public. Studies
show that businesses who maintain blogs typically experience a bump in
sales and bring in new customers who otherwise would not have heard
about the company!


Whatever role you play in the wide world of business marketing – from  small business owner to advertising department intern – chances are you’re aware of the concept of writing and maintaining a business blog.
The internet is littered with blogs written by all types of people; the stay-at  home mom looking to share her daily experiences, the film student blogging his way through his documentary-making assignments, the
business CEO seeking a way to connect with his clients. Blogging is a  trend that is seemingly here to stay, and that can benefit your business in many ways when executed correctly.


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